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Here at Airlink Travel, we can help you build your ideal holiday. Whether you have already booked flights or a hotel, and are looking for a few extra pieces to complete your holiday or need us to create a full package holiday experience, we will look after you. Whether you are looking at Far East holiday destinations, or want a quick city break, we have the contacts and experience as travel agents in Edinburgh to make sure your holiday will be perfect from start to finish.




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Short Breaks

Whether you are looking for a short time away in the countryside, or want to explore somewhere new, we have a wide range of short breaks available for you. You can also organise business trips, family visits, and whistle-stop holidays this way.

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We offer package holidays to a wide range of locations, specialising in Far East holiday destinations. Our packages are fully adaptable though, with opportunities to upgrade or amend your holiday to suit your needs and wishes at every stage.

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City Breaks

Is there a city you've always wanted to explore? A landmark or venue you've always wanted to go to? Airlink Travel can book your city break for you, and will guarantee great value. Whether you need flights, hotels, or both, you can count on us.

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Get what you want from your holiday 

So many main tour operators will just have a few off-the-shelf options that they want to sell to you. Airlink Travel doesn't work this way.
Our travel agents in Edinburgh will listen to what you need first and foremost, and then build the holiday around you. We also have many special offers and deals.

Contact us on 07384 986570 by phone or WhatsApp, and we will discuss what you need and create the perfect holiday for you.

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With our extensive experience in the industry and a vast range of different contacts in almost every country in the world, we can find and book for you hotels and places to stay that match your holiday requirements.

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Car Rentals

We have contacts with a diverse range of car hire companies in many different nations, enabling us to arrange reliable car hire from reputable firms before you set off, giving you peace of mind and of course, dependable transport for your holiday.

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Store Your Luggage

If you are exploring a location with a reputation for theft, or are concerned about the security of your luggage at any point during your stay, we can recommend and/or arrange luggage storage, so you can maximise your time without worrying about your belongings.

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Elevate Your Travel Experience

Book Your Hotels, Car Hire, and Luggage Storage Now! Enjoy seamless holiday planning with Airlink Travel's additional services. Contact our travel agents in Edinburgh today to arrange the perfect accommodations, convenient transportation, and worry-free luggage storage for your next adventure.

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Visa Information



For many Far East holiday destinations, we always recommend to check and double check visa requirements before you set off on your holiday. The last thing you need is to be sent back to from your destination at the border control. To avoid your holiday being ruined, we offer impartial advice and will help with your visa application in necessary. Have a look at our map of locations with visa requirements here.



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 No Visa Requirements      Visa on Arrival      eVisa or eTA Required      Paper Visa Required      No Information




Visa FAQs


How do I apply for my visa?

Each nation has different requirements, but it’s worth noting that a lot of countries accept e-Visas now, which are usually much easier to fill out and process.

Can I use my visa to re-enter the country?

Usually not, although the rules again vary from country to country.

Do I need to apply for my kids?

Yes, all children will need their own visas.

When should I apply if my trip is in a few months?

We recommend to apply as early as possible, but to make sure if the visa is issued that it will not expire before you finish your holiday.